Can you believe what we have endured over the last 20+ months?! What a stirring of the pot and upheaval on a major scale. Many of us are feeling shifts within our consciousness and within our bodies as well as in the world around us. How you perceive experiences and situations will determine the level of trauma or liberation you feel. No one is exempt from cleansing, purifying, and releasing in a time like this. PTSD, anxiety, depression, divorce, relocating and other challenges are felt by all, one way or another, but in a different way. 

Yoga invites us to go inside of your heart and mind to rewire the unproductive ways of seeing the world. Spring is an excellent time to clear out the resurfaced toxins and debris of mind and body. Spring is Kapha season and a time for letting go and rebuilding with nurturing activities, whole food, pure water and air, movement and attitudes. 

Ayurveda is the complementary science to yoga that looks deeper into what hinders your practice,...

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