Why is yoga good for mental health?

Have you ever just hard a horrible day, feeling like everyone wants something from you and if you have one more person demand this or that you might explode? 

Well I am having one if those days and ended up going for things that comfort me. Food, a certain friend, crawling back into bed are only a few ways to cope with a rough day. What makes a day hard? I have had demands on me before and haven't cracked. I have had slip ups and seems to weather that storm ok. 

What we have to realize first is it isn't a simple answer to these inquiries. The human species is more than a body and mind. We as homo sapiens have a 'sensitive sense' that supersedes the mundane of everyday living. Emotions get stirred up from our thoughts, electromagnetic frequencies, old traumas, conditioning/programing, ancestral patterns, and energetic wavelengths from other people. When we don't allow ourselves to feel them and experience the hurt, pain, patterns, sadness etc. then they become lodged...

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