When did Yoga begin?

Yoga has taken the world by storm. Yoga is an excellent practice for many reasons. It's a way to release held stress, gain flexibility and tone the body. A recent poll estimates that in 2022 40 million people in the US alone practice yoga. The number of participants grew 50% between 2012-2016 alone, with no signs of stopping. 94% of yoga practitioners say they do yoga for wellness-related reasons.

94%?!.. that's huge....and despite the Buti yogi's and cross trainers. Wellness related reasons are obviously the #1 reason to practice yoga.

But who started all of this? When did yoga become such a powerful force in the modern world? Well, let's get clear on what Y O G A truly is. Yoga means "to yoke", union or integration of all parts of you. It's the science and art of consciousness. Yoga isn't a doing activity, it's a state of being while you are doing or not doing. Yoga is YOU in your pure divine nature. If you have every attended a class, yoga retreat or Yoga Training with...

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