Why is yoga good for mental health?

Have you ever just hard a horrible day, feeling like everyone wants something from you and if you have one more person demand this or that you might explode? 

Well I am having one if those days and ended up going for things that comfort me. Food, a certain friend, crawling back into bed are only a few ways to cope with a rough day. What makes a day hard? I have had demands on me before and haven't cracked. I have had slip ups and seems to weather that storm ok. 

What we have to realize first is it isn't a simple answer to these inquiries. The human species is more than a body and mind. We as homo sapiens have a 'sensitive sense' that supersedes the mundane of everyday living. Emotions get stirred up from our thoughts, electromagnetic frequencies, old traumas, conditioning/programing, ancestral patterns, and energetic wavelengths from other people. When we don't allow ourselves to feel them and experience the hurt, pain, patterns, sadness etc. then they become lodged in the body to be processed later. Whats crazy is we don't always know when that later will be. 

Things like planetary positions, Full or New moons, Schumann Resonance, lack of sunshine, toxins in the body, lack of deep sleep, hormone imbalances are forces that will let you know you still have some unfinished business inside. 

The amazing gift of yoga is it works on every level to bring this up to be cleared. It works on the physical plane, mental plane, emotional plane and yes, even the spiritual plane. Emotions are E-energy in MOTION, and when we stop them from moving, then they we will wait for another time to be activated or triggered.  Then they rise up again to see if you will let it be seen, felt and move once again.

In order to be in a healthy mental space, we need a safe place to feel, be seen, and encouraged to be with those emotions and then let them arise forth and be let go. 

Some days I go to yoga and just the movement gets things churning and then emotions arise. It's not uncommon to cry in a yoga class, especially if the teacher provides a safe and compassionate place for what's there to be what it is. 

Other days going to yoga when you feel off can help the purge process and give you a super clean slate to review and start again. 

If you or someone you know suffers from metal health issues like anxiety or depression etc. let yoga be a soothing balm to a hurt heart and mind. Give it a chance. 


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