Are Yoga Retreats life changing?

Well, not that everyone that attends a retreat wants a life changing event, so here are a few ways to experience them. Yoga retreats can be 1 of three things, in my opinion.

  1. A vacation with some yoga sprinkled in.
  2. A way to meet other like minded people while on vacation.
  3. An amazing occasion to release pent up energy and learn a whole new way of looking at life. 

I have to say these can even be all in one retreat, which would make it the best experience by far.

I have attended a few retreats, but have run yoga retreats for over 15yrs. The key points to look for are. Thrilling location, scrumptious food, yoga teacher experience, and amazing accommodations. The Greece Yoga retreat this coming June will check off those boxes for you. 

-Location: Greece is an ancient land with incredible history. Everything from the philosophical legends, long lasting grandiose architecture and heart warming culture. Why not include both a historic country and uplifting yoga into your magical getaway? The greek islands give you an even more amazing feel for the life the greeks lead.

-Scrumptious food: If you have not eaten mediterranean food while visiting the Mediterranean, then you have not even started to live. Deemed as one of the most balanced and healing diet on the planet, dishes from the mediterranean not only taste delectable they will leave you satiated and feeling vibrant.

  -Yoga Teacher: You have to connect and love the style and energy of your teacher in order to really be nourished on a yoga retreat. I have a lot of experience in teaching, training, and traveling which makes for a smooth glide into a new region. I have taught form 20+yrs. and always respect and enjoying assisting new people with the gift of yoga, ayurveda and energy work. If you need to contact me and get more information by phone, please email and we can set up a time. 

-Amazing accommodations: The Aegealis Hotel and spa is one of the top Greek destinations in all of the Mediterranean. The spa features two pools (one indoor and one outdoor), A fitness room, steam room and hot tub, and full spa amenities. The hotel boast the breath taking view of Aegealis bay, while every room has an ocean view. The fragrance and the beauty of the flowers will feed your eyes and your stomach from the organic garden. Getting excited yet?

When you are comfortable in the surroundings, taken care of with satisfying meals, have fun excursion options, and incredible yoga to keep you feeling healed and on top of your game, you will never want to leave.

I have always loved Greece and can't wait to share this incredible land and culture with a few special people. If you read this after the fact, just keep in touch for the next adventure. I usually do 2 retreats a year and would love to share them all with you. 





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