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 Julz began her yoga journey soon after the birth of her 4th child in 2000. She has always had a passion for health, wellness and holistic spirituality. As the years added more and more experiences to her path, she felt the strong desire to create a style of yoga that spoke to those that are becoming aware of the subtle energies around them. The empath, the intuitive, light worker and star seed. Her extensive knowledge of the body also inspired specific methods of movement that revolutionize how you live in your body. She has combined them into the Lifted Yoga 3 main steps. 

  • Pre-Spiriting
  • Re-Spiriting
  • In-Spiriting

These three build on each other then recycle back again and again. We begin where we are and whats most familiar, the Body (The Athlete). Then we move to the more internal world of the mind and breath and its intricacies (The Architect). The last step is the connection, training, and trusting of the deep level of our being, the spirit (The Visionary).  More details on these below. 


The Athlete

The Architect

The Visionary

A refinement of body, mind and heart. The key elements of Lifted Yoga™ are: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether- using mantra, mudras, pranayama, asana, bio-mechanic precision, meditation, prayer and all things good, positive and healing.

Which of the descriptions of a yoga practitioner speaks to you?

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