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Perspire and mend in all layers of your being. Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually as you apply the Lifted Yoga™ method. 

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The Greece Yoga Retreat is currently scheduled for June/July 2022! Be fed, taught and soothed with the ancient vibes of Greece. Be added to the waiting list!

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Online Teacher Training is always open!  The amazing techniques of Lifted Yoga™ with respect to your intuitive and sensitive abilities!  

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Private Sessions

Be guided for physical and meta-physical well-being sessions w/Julz. Several appointment options: *Intuitive listening Journeys *Private Yoga Sessions (Regular & Specialized) *Ayurvedic assessments (Initial and Follow up)

3 steps in the Lifted Yoga™ method

Pre-Spirting is the 1st step in the Lifted Yoga™ approach. Be uplifted physically with groundwork that gives such foresight, you will return again and again.

Re-Spirting is the 2nd step. Going deeper into the essentials of the practice. The flawless design of the yoga principles of transformation.  

In-Spirting completes with step 3. Introducing the more timeless qualities of the soul. Bringing it to the forefront of our lives, so pure potential is more available. 

Lifted Yoga™has a goal of sparking divine connectivity through every heart and integrating it with our mental, physical and emotional potential.

Health & Balance

Ayurvedic herbal wisdom is NOW available directly from this website.

  • Need extra lung support?
  • A cooling formula for your Pitta?
  • Something to sooth emotional stressors? 

Order below or Email [email protected] to make an Ayurvedic practitioner appointment to assess your Dosha or determine your current imbalance.  

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"Because of back pain, I always had trouble with physical activity. With Lifted Yoga™, I learned better techniques for optimal health, and it's improved my life immensely. "

Sheree M.

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